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Guomin Sun

MEng (Mechanical), BEng (Mechanical), Professor of Engineering
Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Guomin Sun has over 30 years’ of experience in the mining industry; following mining and mineral process engineers roles in China, Australia, and America. Mr. Sun is the major founder of Techgart (Beijing) Engineering Co Ltd, and he is also the Chairman of Techgart.
Mr. Sun is also the non-executive director of 9X Minerals LLC.

Techgart, www.techgart.com
9X Minerals, www.chinabarites.com

Bryan Yang

BEng (Mining)
Managing Director

Mr. Yang is an experienced mining engineer; he graduated from the University of New South Wales with mining degree. Yang has site working experience as mining engineer in Territory Iron ore mining during Jan.2013 to Sept.2014. Yang can also operate CAT 777 and Komatsu 785 with professional license beside pit design with Surpac, production scheduling, general mining services, drill and blast design..

Deyong Wu

BEng (Process & IT)
Chief Innovation Officer

Mr. Wu has over 15 years’ experience in automation and programming, especially mining and mineral processing Patent. Mr. Wu graduated from China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) with dual degree, the mineral process engineering, and Computer Science and Technology. Wu has won the Honorable Mention in Mathorcup and MCM/ICM (Mathematical Contest In Modeling) when he was studying in CUMT. Wu has developed the first cloud-computing-based intelligent operating system of coal washing plant in China. Wu has created Chengdu HAOTE Mining Co Ltd in Jan. 2010 as one major founder and Chief Engineer. After Alpha acquired Chengdu Alpha Industrial Intelligence Co., Ltd , Mr. Wu joins Alpha as CIO.

Shuni Chen

BEcon (International Trade)
Non-Executive Director

Ms. Shuni Chen joined Alpha as the angel investor. She is accountable for managing the company’s corporate governance, audit and risk control.
Shuni has more than 8 years’ experience in corporate governance and audit. Ms. Shuni Chen is the major founder of DD Jewels LLC, and she is also the Chairman & CEO of DD Jewels. Prior to creating DD Jewels, Shuni is the trader and marketing manager of Minmetals & Jingyi Futures Co Ltd. Thus, Shuni has strong experience in risk control and management, especially finance and investment.

DD Jewels, www.ddjewel.com

Benjamin YANG

BEng(Computer Science And Technology)
General Maneger - Asia

Benjamin was born in a well-known mining family in China. When Benjamin was a child, he has experienced in underground mining. Thus, Benjamin knows mining condition well, The growing background makes Benjamin has excellent ability of systematical management and also is proficient in every procedures of coal mining. And he iseager for improving the safety and automation level for miners. Thus, Benjamin went to The University of New South Wales and chose the Computer Science and Technology as his major. In2015, a famous old shearer, as known as MG100/240-BW was upgraded by Benjamin’s team to increase coal production, the result was very successful. The long-termmulticultural life experience makes him a person with strong adaptability. Currently, Benjamin has beenappointed to be the General Manager of Whole Asia business.

Jinshang Li

BEng (Computer Science and Technology)
Senior Programmer & Hardware Engineer

Jinshang has over 10 years’ experience in LHD remote control programming and development. Jinshang can independently bear the microcontroller software and hardware project development; his experience including but not limited to Protel, Altium Designer PCB design; STM32, STM8, STC microcontroller development; Patent of single-chip C language; motor (BDC / BLDC / PMSM) development, etc.

Sophie Guan

BEc (International Economics and Trade)
International Business Director

Mr. Guan is an experienced international business director. She has nearly 10 years experience in international business after graduation from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. With rich experience in international contract execution, she is an seasoned department manager with a demonstrated history of working in the security and operations management, emergency management, and sales management.

Zunping Zhao

MEng (Mechanical-electronic Engineering), BEng (Machine Design Manufacture and Automation)
Chief Programmer

Zunping has over 15 years’ experience in automation engineering, underground mine vehicles’ RCS (LHD remote control system), concrete pump hydraulic system design and commissioning experience. Prior to joining Alpha, Zunping is the senior R&D office of ANCHISES TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD.
Mr. Zhao is also a positive inventor; so far, he has already held 8 patents as below.
1)Patent Number: 201420543549.0        A hydraulic control system for mining vehicles
2)Patent Number: 201420543395.5        Underground scraper with trailer device
3)Patent Number: 201320506338.5        Downhole Wheeled Vehicle Emergency Steering System
4)Patent Number: 201520606065.0        Load Sensitive Steering Hydraulic System for Underground Scraper
5)Patent Number: 201520627627.X        Underground scraper working mechanism compound action control system
6)Patent Number: 201520606063.1        Remote Steering Hydraulic System with Flow Amplification
7)Patent Number: 201520606077.3        Variable system of underground transport truck hydraulic system
8)Patent Number: 201210428529.4        A hydraulic cylinder and a pumping mechanism, construction machinery


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