Wireless Accelerator & Temperature Sensor

With years of deep work in the field of Internet of Things, Chengdu Alpha Industrial Intelligence Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of sensors that can be applied to a variety of industrial environments. AD005 intelligent monitor terminal (Accelerator&Temperature Sensor) apply to explosive gas environment (area 1 and area 2) , combustible dust environment (21 and 22 area) and explosive air-mixture places of levels AⅡ,BⅡ,CⅡor of temperature classes ranging from T1 to T6.

Alpha Lithium Battery Sensors Application

Lithium battery material has always been the first choice of green battery material, lithium battery production technology continues to improve, the cost of continuous compression, so in recent years lithium battery has been widely used. According to different application scenarios, lithium-ion batteries are divided into power type, consumer type and storage first: lithium-ion batteries are used in electric vehicles. After thousands of thermal runaway tests of various types of batteries, Alpha has finally designed and developed a "new energy, lithium battery sensor product line and solutions", which will kill the "thermal runaway" safety hazard in the "cradle".