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Radio Remote Control Mining

Underground Mining generally faces two main problems: low productivity and insecurity under the hazardous situations. Remote control mining loaders can effectively solve these problems. Remote control system can optimize productivity and enhance safety by keeping operators away from dangerous areas. Meanwhile, higher ore value is just right there!

Solve our Thinking, then Problems Solve themselves!
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Tele-Remote Control Mining

Based on Mesh network, Tele-remote control mining system allows operators working on surface control center console with real-time video surveillance. Optimized safety condition can bring significant economic result for mining plant. Additionally, Tele-remote control system integrate productivity management and tracking system in one. It is a good helper for mining plant by more customized functions.

Optimize your mining plant with new technology!
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Mining Consultancy & Equipment

Alpha Ind Tech is an engineer-based company, which is professional in coal, gold and other base metals mining processing. Meanwhile, Alpha integrates advanced technology into mining processing, including unmanned loaders, intelligent helmet, and mining management system. Engineers cannot be stopped by any obstacles. If you are interested in higher mining productivity and fortune, Contact our professional team!
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Mineral Processing Plant IoT Monitoring Early Warning System

How to do Mineral Processing Plants Monitoring Early Warning

Sudden equipment fault will cause lower productivity on mineral processing plants. IoT early warning monitoring system can reduce maintenance cost, and optimize mineral preparation plant management. Make equipment maintenance proactive.
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Copper Mining Optimizing Productivity with Remote Control Mining Loaders

Ashele Copper Mining launched Remote Control LHD

ASHELE copper mining plant optimized productivity via RRC, Radio Remote Control Loaders for underground mining. Meantime, RRC loaders decreased personnel damage risk.
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ALPHA can Customize Mining Equipment Remote Control Operation

ALPHA can Customize Mining Equipment Remote Control Operation

As an engineer-based company, Alpha can customize mining equipment into remote control operation, such as Drillings, Load-Haul-Dumpers, etc.
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What you can benefit from ALPHA?

With Background of 40+ years experience in mining and mineral processing,

you can benefit from us much more than the following:

- Seasoned Engineer Advice from members of AusIMM

- Autonomous Mining Custom-made Solutions

- Predictive Maintenance system in plants;

- Optimized Material Management system;

- Sourcing advice for both mining and mineral processing.

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