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We have the strong ability to customize our products and services to our client’s needs. No matter what type, make or model of machinery, Alpha can configure it to operate remotely.

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Projects & Case Studies

With more and more attention having been paid to mine safety, mining remote control system has presented a very useful aspect of it. It not only improves the safety greatly, but also creates economic benefits as well. Our every client is satisfied with our product!


Xinjiang Ashele Copper Mine

18 July 2017

On the day of September 7th and 8th 2016 , mining plant used the wireless remote control system to carry on the remnant ore recovery to the 600 middle 12# stope, which respectively recycled 45 shovels and 50 shovels of residual mine, a total of 237.50 tons. Since then,the mining plant will continue to coordinate the LHD in time to recover the residual mine after completing the work in self-support tunnel.


Caijiaying Zinc Gold Mine

07 July 2017

Hebei Caijiaying Zinc Gold Mine adopts segmented openstope method to do mining, when backstopping, for safety reasons, the LHD will not enter the mine-out area to do mining, resulting in a large amount of ore remaining in the stope. When mining the lower layered ore, the remaining ore in the upper layer will enter the lower layer; However, permanent loss will occur when backstopping the last layered ore. In order to avoid the loss of resources and increase the recovery rate, the mine uses remote control LHD to recover the last layer of residual ore.


Banmiaozi Jingying Gold Mine

23 May 2017

Jilin Banmiaozi Mining Co., Ltd. Jinying Gold Mine is a large underground gold mine, which is also the flagship mine of international gold mining giant Eldoradogold Company. Since the introduction of wireless remote control in March 2009, the total output of the mine has reached 100 thousand T which also plays an important role in reducing the amount of picking and cutting, reducing the labor intensity of the workers, ensuring the safety of the mine.


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