Radio Remote Control Drill Jumbo

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Remote Control of  Drill Jumbo

LHD radio remote control consists of four parts: remote control transmitter, vehicle receiver, hydraulic unit, and electric unit.

Underground mining faces hazardous mining condition, with high risk of personnel damage. For drill jumbo, wildly used for drilling and blasting undergrlund, so Radio Remote Control drill jumbo can help with enhancing safety on mining site.

Drill Jumbo Remote Control Sytem

Main Technical Features:

1)Working voltage: 10-36VDC

2)Signal transmission rate: 1Mbps

3)Communication distance: >100m

4)Interface configuration: 64 digital inputs, 24 analog input, 64 digital / analog output, 0-10V output can be customized, 2 CAN bus, 5)2-way RS458, 2-way network, 1-way wireless communication 433MHz

6)Temperature range: -40℃...+85℃

7)Protection grade: IP67

8)Battery Power: 24V 30Ah

9)Monitor: High-contrast 7 inch LCD

Inclinometer: Dynamic tilt sensor, measurement accuracy of 0.1 degrees, measurement accuracy can be maintained under high vibration intensity 

Heavy-duty connector: Original imported, matched with the original jumbo , direct plug

Remote Control Transmitter

1)Operating voltage: DC24V

2)Operating current: <150mA

3)Communication distance: >100m 

4)Remote delay: less than 10 ms 

5)Interface configuration: 64 digital inputs, 24 analog inputs,, CAN, 1 RS485

6)Temperature range: -40℃...+85℃ 

7)Shell: IP67, industrial aluminum waterproof shell

8)Size: 300 x 200 x 120mm

9)Weight: 6.4 Kg

Vehicle Receiver

1)Operating voltage: DC24V

2)Operating current: <150mA

3)Signal transmission rate: 1Mbps 

4)Communication distance: >100m 

5)Remote delay: less than 10 ms 

6)Interface configuration: 64 digital inputs, 24 analog inputs,, CAN, 1 RS485

7)Temperature range: -40℃...+85℃ 

8)Shell: IP67, industrial aluminum waterproof shell

9)Size: 300 x 200 x 120mm

10)Weight: 6.4 Kg

Radio remote control system has been proven on several mining sites. Contact us for suitable solutions.