How Drill Jumbo Achieve Remote Control, and Bring Actual Economic Benefits to Underground Mining


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With the reduction of mineral resources on the ground, mineral mining is gradually transferred from the open to the underground. Rock drilling is an important part of the underground mine production process, and the drill jumbo is an important equipment for rock drilling operations, which can significantly improve production efficiency.

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Alpha is keeping using our intelligent mining solutions to optimize efficiency and safety during mining process.At present, for instance, the Atlas Simba 1354 rock drilling jumbo is suitable for the underground mining environment of many mines around the world, and the equipment is also applied in many mines in China. The drilling jumbo is mainly controlled by wires, and there are more than 70 control signal lines, which are divided into two cable transmission.

What is current major problems for drill jumbo operation?

1. Usually, the drill jumbo is moved much during the working process, and the transmission cable will be dragged on the ground to move along with the drilling jumbo, which not only causes the drilling rig to move inconveniently, but also the cable is prone to wear.

2. At the same time, the falling rock while drilling and the jumbo moving will cause damage to the cable, affect the transmission of control signals, and even the equipment will be shut down, affecting normal production.

3. The most dangerous thing is that the rock falling in the drilling process of the drill jumbo can become a safety hazard for the operator.

In response to the above problems, Alpha has studied the control principle of the Atlas Simba 1354 rock drill jumbo for a long time, and developed the Simba 1354 rock drill jumbo remote control system based on wireless communication technology, which can improve the efficiency and improve the working environment of underground operators, which plays an important role in improving the safety of underground operations.

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The modified Atlas Simba 1354 rock drill jumbo remote control system was applied to Xingshan Iron Mine. After actual using, it can meet the requirements of on-site use, greatly improving production efficiency, ensuring operator safety, and improving the working environment of underground operators. At the same time, through the wireless control of the drill jumbo, the annual economic loss of cables due to jumbo moving and so on is reduced from the original cost of several hundred thousand RMB to zero, which has improved the overall economic benefits of the mine.Just like what Alpha always focus on, efficient and safe mining!

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Alpha has many years of development experience and also rich practical application experience, and has in-depth research on various brands, various types of equipment and operation implementation methods. Whatever your drill jumbo model is, new or used, we can configure it to control remotely.

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