Belt Conveyor PHM System


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1. Brief Introduction to Alpha

Chengdu Alpha Industrial Intelligence Co., Ltd. focuses on providing mining projects with mine operation safety early warning, equipment fault early warning and intelligent operation and maintenance services for the whole life cycle of assets based on large-scale information collection and analysis. The PHM system of Alpha has been applied in international markets such as Indonesia, Zambia, Russia, Brazil, Mongolia and the Philippines.

Alpha, together with Capital SDIC, has jointly established an industrial IOT hardware manufacturing base in Jining, China, which is mainly responsible for the production and manufacturing of sensors, with a phase I capacity of 600,000 pieces / year.


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Alpha is in a leading position in the number of industrial Internet of Things and effective machine learning time in the mining field, and participated in the compilation of General Technical Specification for the Construction of Intelligent Coal Preparation Plant.

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2. Background

Belt conveyor is not only the lifeblood of mineral production system, but also related to the life safety of staff at all times. It is the key to mining safety production!

Our company focuses on condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of belt conveyor, so as to improve the operation safety and reliability of belt transmission equipment, which has great economic and social benefits.


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 3. System Overview

The distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system is composed of distributed optical fiber thermometer, temperature sensing optical cable, measurement software and other auxiliary equipment. The system uses the principles of Raman scattering and Optical Time Domain Reflection (OTDR) when light is transmitted in the optical fiber to obtain the spatial temperature distribution information. When a laser pulse with a certain energy and width is transmitted in the measuring fiber, it produces backscattered light, and its intensity is affected by the temperature of the scattering point of the fiber. After wavelength division multiplexing, detection and modulation, the scattered optical signal enters the signal processing system to extract the temperature information of each position on the measured optical fiber in real time. At the same time, the position of the measured temperature is located by using the propagation speed of the optical wave in the optical fiber and the time interval of the backscattered signal. The system has the advantages of distributed measurement, anti electromagnetic interference, anti-corrosion, long measurement distance and low maintenance cost. It is widely used in temperature monitoring and safety guarantee of coal mine and non coal mine.

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distributed fiber belt conveyor PHM system6.png  Temperature Sensing Optical Cable 


 Optical Fiber Demodulator


4. Technical Parameter

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5. System Function

The system realizes the on-line monitoring of underground temperature, forms monitoring reports, various curves and maps, and provides a large number of historical data for experts to analyze the temperature change law of the monitoring site. The law analysis module can predict the underground temperature and ensure the operation safety in the mining area according to the variation law of underground temperature. The system integrates computer detection technology, data communication technology and sensor technology, integrates monitoring, display, alarm, bus interface and sensor, and realizes the automatic monitoring and analysis of coal mine under complex environmental conditions.

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6. Application

Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system can be applied to belt conveyor,  power distribution and transmission, cable bridge, coal yard, etc; 

The optical cable is laid on the belt conveyor in a straight line on both sides along the belt direction; The key parts (bridge stack, nose and tail) shall be monitored with constant temperature panel (optical cable length of 10m). Flammable point: 1. Bottom of belt; 2. Head and tail of belt conveyor; 3. Roller; 4. Motor, etc. (temperature sensing cable can cover).

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Distributed temperature sensing monitoring system for belt conveyor



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Optical cable layout of belt conveyor equipment


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Field application