Vibrating Screen PHM System



For most of the end customers contacted by ALPHA, the vibrating screen may not be regarded as a large-scale mechanical equipment in the equipment of the customer's entire plant, but the frequency of failure of the vibrating screen is often the highest. The fundamental reason is: the vibrating screen itself is A product that scientifically utilizes the destructive power of vibration.


For traditional machinery, the unconventional vibration generated by the operation of the equipment is one of the harbingers of the occurrence of the failure, and the vibrating screen is precisely the product that changes the trajectory of the material through vibration and achieves the screening effect. Although the vibration industry has never stopped the design and research of anti-destructive optimization structures, no effective solutions have been found so far, and the failure of vibration equipment still occurs frequently.


The vibrating screen is usually arranged in the throat of the production process system. If some small problems that occur during the operation of the equipment cannot be detected in time, a major failure of the vibrating screen may be caused, which may cause the entire production system to be shut down, causing significant losses to customers . As far as mining, coal, metallurgy and other fields are concerned, unexpected shutdowns will directly affect the production schedule, and the loss of benefits can range from tens of thousands to millions of yuan. The most important thing is that the sudden failure of the vibrating screen during operation will directly threaten the life safety of the inspection personnel.


ALPHA's vibration screen PHM operation and maintenance system uses sensor technology, automatic control technology, Internet of Things technology, and big data technology to monitor various operating parameters of the vibration screen online in real time, intelligently analyze equipment performance status with big data, and early warning of failures . For enterprises, promote products to the market, understand the use of their products in the enterprise in real time, and provide better services to customers. For customers, according to the equipment operation monitoring situation, reasonable arrangement of equipment maintenance time, reduce the manpower, material resources, and talents invested in the maintenance of sudden equipment failures, and improve production efficiency and benefits.


System Functions:

1) Monitoring function: continuous state monitoring, historical data browsing.

2) Alarm function: automatic warning, automatic alarm, WeChat push alarm information.

3) Analysis function: equipment condition prediction, maintenance plan push.

4) Auxiliary function: equipment QR code management.

5) Push function: AI algorithm analyzes and generates reports to push to the WeChat client.

6) Monitoring parameters: motor vibration temperature, screen vibration intensity, screen vibration angle, screen vibration balance, vibration exciter operating bearing temperature, lubricating oil temperature, etc.







Real-time Online Monitoring


On-line real-time monitoring of the core components of the vibrating screen, mainly from the vibration temperature of the motor, the balanced vibration of the front and rear inlets of the screen body, the vibration of the vibrator, the temperature of the four bearings, and the temperature of the lubricating oil. In order to ensure the simplicity of data collection and reduce the difficulty of implementation, the field sensors are battery-powered and wireless data transmission. The sensor monitors and collects the vibration temperature for a certain period of time according to the set time, and sends it out wirelessly. Deploy a repeater near the vibrating screen. The repeater can receive data transmitted by multiple sensors, and then use the on-site network or 4G/5G network to transmit the data to the enterprise cloud platform for data analysis. Through real-time online monitoring, it can effectively monitor the vibration balance of the screen body, uneven feeding, and vibration exciter bearing failure in the operation of the equipment, detect equipment failures in time, and make corresponding treatments in time to avoid accidents.


Continuous Condition Monitoring


ALPHA’s PHM system uses multi-channel condition monitoring technology, which is specifically designed for the characteristics of the vibration exciter and is "cross-connected" with the vibration exciter in the vibrating screen. Its purpose is to detect and evaluate phase defects, inspect and record Bearing and gear vibration, working oil temperature and overall machine motion with 6 degrees of freedom (three translations and three rotations).


Main Feature:

1) Visualization of machine status.

2) A detailed view of the status of a single selected machine.

3) Real-time push of all data in the dashboard.

4) Responsive web design-the dashboard panel adapts to the screen resolution and panel interaction.

5) Time zone and language are automatically adapted to the client system.

6) Push alarms within a limited range of thresholds.


Cloud Platform & Cloud Service

The cloud platform uses big data and artificial intelligence technology to establish equipment models, artificial intelligence algorithms, and continuous training and learning to improve the reliability and accuracy of equipment failure early warning. The model is trained with long-term monitoring data, and real-time collected data is used as input to predict and analyze the trend of various monitoring indicators, determine equipment performance status, and predict equipment failures. The fault information is timely pushed to the relevant person in charge of the device through the APP and WeChat official account, so that relevant treatment can be made in time to eliminate the fault in its infancy.


The cloud platform stores equipment monitoring data so that users can view equipment operating data and historical monitoring data through mobile phones, computers, etc. at any time. It also provides reliable operation monitoring data for equipment companies to optimize product design and continuously improve product quality.





Analyze the data and alert users through color-coded dashboards and WeChat push. These early warnings enable customers to schedule exciter replacement one week before failure, thereby preventing unnecessary process downtime and saving significant maintenance costs.


The use of cloud services, intelligent digital services, detects any deviation from normal operations earlier than ever before, far exceeding the traditional threshold warning. It combines the latest machine learning technology with deep machine and process knowledge, provides specific dashboards, early warning indicators, and can access the failure mode database of the whole machine to quickly take corrective measures. The service collects from the overall operation And evaluate data, such as vibration, speed, pressure, temperature, etc., and monitor important measurement values to prevent personal injury and machine damage.


Advantages of ALPHA Cloud Service:

1) Capture the entire process data, including vibration, speed, pressure, temperature, etc.

2) Associate all values through artificial intelligence (machine learning)

3) Machine-specific dashboard allows maximum transparency

4) Access to the whole machine failure mode database to quickly take corrective measures

5) It has a wide range of applications and can be matched with various types of vibrating screens


Whole Machine Intelligent Service


Our service includes a data-driven model that predicts normal behavior based on historical data and current machine and process operations. Its decisive new function is how it handles the difference between the measured value and the predicted value, reflecting the degree of deviation from normal operation. Machine learning algorithms monitor not only individual values, but also the correlation of all values, especially the operating mode the machine or process is currently in at any given time.


ALPHA’s PHM operation and maintenance system is committed to the smooth operation and intelligent operation of the vibrating screen. From preliminary real-time monitoring to industry expert support for historical equipment problems, it brings various benefits while customers access real data. Customers can have real-time dashboards with KPI information on their mobile devices and get all relevant information anytime and anywhere.


Global overall settings and systematic layout optimization, customers can obtain data interpretation, maintenance suggestions and maintenance methods on the client side, supplement all levels of historical big data support, so as to assist the entire factory worker team.


Future Research Direction

ALPHA is currently developing a new type of vibrating screen PHM system, which can not only monitor the movement, status and performance of the vibrating equipment, but also monitor the status of the unbalance exciter that drives the vibrating screen and the feeder. With minimal installation work, a wireless sensor can be installed on the cover of the exciter via a magnet. Once the exciter is fatigued, the sensor picks up the high-frequency signals from the worn bearings and gears.


To summarize, the benefits brought by ALPHA's vibrating screen PHM system:

lFind the problem in time and get more repair time

lEffectively avoid unplanned downtime

lDevelop maintenance plans and repair plans in advance

lEnsure efficient and effective machine operation

lMinimize maintenance costs

lImprove staff safety factor