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To Be a Distributor/Agent of ALPHA Intelligence:

Please contact ALPHA with the required information and Subject of ‘Agent or Distributor Cooperation of ***(Product Name)’ by email: CustomerSupport@alpha-technology.com.au

Required Information:

* Your Name or Contact Person of your company;

* Contact Email;

* TEL or MOB;

* Company Name;

* Products/Model NO. of Interest;

* Have you ever represented other brands? Which territory? Which industry?

* Company brief file or sales plan?

* Annual Turnover

Your requirements will be reviewed by our sales & marketing department. If approved, we will contact you within 1-2 working days. If no contacts after 2 working days, please automatically recognize as audit failed. Your information will be included in our business development platform. Your will be reached if any potential opportunity in the future. Thanks for your cooperation.


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