Radio Remote Control LHD Loader

Alpha Ind. Tech.

Remote Control of Load-Haul-Dump loaders

LHD radio remote control consists of four parts: remote control transmitter, vehicle receiver, hydraulic unit, and electric unit.

Underground mining faces hazardous mining condition, with high risk of personnel damage. Radio Remote Control underground mining LHD loaders can help with enhancing safety on mining site.

Remote Control Transmitter

Main Technical Features:

1) Mine safety certificate: KFA140027

2) Coal safety certificate: MFA130295

3) Operating Voltage: DC12.8V

4) Working current: ≤ 140mA

5) Wireless communication distance: ≥ 40m

6) Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery

7) Battery capacity: 1400mA

8) Interface configuration: 8 Road AI, 24 Road DI

9) Wireless communication signal frequency: 433MHz/915MHz/2.4GHz

10) Transmission speed rate: 1Mbps

11) Display size: 7/9 inch

12) Camera: IP69K, Waterproof, Shockproof

Vehicle Receiver

Main Technical Features:

1) Mine safety certificate: KFA140025

2) Coal safety certificate: MFA130296

3) Operating Voltage: DC24V

4) Working current: ≤ 100mA

5) Wireless communication distance: ≥ 40m

6) Wireless communication signal frequency: 2.4GHz

7) Transmission speed rate: 1Mbps

8) Interface configuration: 5 DI, 24 DO, 4 AI, 8 AO

Hydraulic Unit

With branded hydraulic system, such as SUN, Rexroth, Norton, etc.

Electric Unit

Connected with control box of machine, with two working mode: Manual and Remote.

Radio remote control system has been proven on several mining sites. Contact us for suitable solutions.