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Mining Automation - ALPHA

Automation - Remote Operation

Tele-remote control system allows operators far...far away from the hazardous area, like 1000 miles. ALPHA’s Tele-remote is designed to reduce or in some ways eliminate safety risks in underground mining. One tele-remote control can operate several heavy equipment simultaneously. Mining can be safe, comfortable, cool as playing games!

Radio Remote Controls allow operators of mining heavy equipment to stay the safest area with the best vantage position from which to operate. This means improved safety, more efficient operation, increased productivity and lower operating costs.

ALPHA can make customized remote control solution for client’s heavy equipment:

Continuous miner  |  Shearer  |  Load-Haul-Dump (LHD, Scooptram)  |  Roadheader  |  Mucking Loader

Excavator  |  Drillings  |  Shotcrete Machine  |  Shield Machine  |  more mining equipment...

Automation - Safety Monitoring

The helmet is the basic facility for everyone who works in high damage risk condition.

How can we make it more useful not only physical protection?

ALPHA’s helmet is built-in electric-Skin technology, which can do monitoring of human vital signs. Then make analysis based on big data server and give reference to enhance safety management.

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