Tele Remote Control Underground Mining

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Tele-remote control system consists of three sections: 

remote control system for fixed hydraulic crusher, mining electric locomotive and trackless equipment (Underground loader).

Tele-remote control underground mining system optimize productivity and enhance safety on underground mining sites, by keeping operators away from hazardous areas.


1) Optimize productivity and safety (Efficiency up over 10%)

2) Reducing energy consumption and spare parts loss

3) Less employees

4) Less maintenance cost

Fixed Hydraulic Crusher

Generally, feeding and screen mouth of crusher can easily be blocked by large degree ore block after the first burst. Fixed hydraulic crusher effectively solve this problem, and improve productivity and safety. With proven application in many mining sites, it is the best choice for mining customers to replace the second blasting. Now remote control system of fixed hydraulic crusher can furthermore optimize the productivity and safety in the underground mining site. All operations can be handled on the surface center console to avoid personnel damage.

Main Equipment:



Model NO.



Operation Center Console




Vehicle Receiver




Industrial Switches




Center Software




Mining Explosion-proof Camera




Electrical Renovation kit



Mining Electric Locomotive

Due to the complex of underground mining site, production and safety management are much tough. Based on frequency conversion and microelectronic control technology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and optimal scheduling model for production operation, remote control system of electric locomotive can make enhance transport capacity to higher productivity and safety.

Locomotive remote control system main equipment:

1) Monitoring Center includes: remote control console, video server, scheduling server, dispatcher, PC monitoring software.

2) Underground WIFI networks include: switches, multi-function gateways, WIFI base stations.

3) Locomotive control system includes: locomotive controller, mine explosion-proof camera, dynamic signal, point machine, axle counter.

Main Features:

1. Real-time underground road and equipment condition monitoring and command

2. Orderly scheduling sub-system

3. Center monitoring with video feedback, locomotive positioning and status feedback, and track equipment status

4. Automated Ore matching scheduling based on ore grade, detection of ore silo level and transportation measurement data

5. Locomotive operation remote control via surface monitoring console

6. Ore loading operation remote control

7. Automatic driving based on safety protection function, such as self-diagnosis, road condition analysis, distance management, etc.

8. Automatically generate reports based on vehicle usage data and ore volume, to enhance productivity and vehicle utilization ratio

9. Power supply monitoring: opening and stopping state of traction rectifier, voltage, fault, etc.

Underground Loader Remote Control System and other trackless mining equipment

Main Features:

1) Communication network: wireless MESH network based on WLAN technology;

2) Full steer remote control of underground loader;

3) Mining camera with dust handling, and video surveillance based on MESH network;

4) Ore prospecting measurement;

5) Real-time monitoring loader operation status, such as oil pressure, oil level, etc.

6) On-site Alarms and updated with monitoring center;

7) Driving Status record;

8) Underground Loader Positioning: real-time display in the monitoring center;

9) Path Learning and Autonomous Navigation: manual intervention allowed while autonomous navigation;

10) Flexible switches between various working mode

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