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Chengdu Alpha Industrial Intelligence Co., Ltd. is a leading national high-tech enterprise that specializes in the integration of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) within the domain of clean coal processing. Dedicated to delivering globally acclaimed intelligent coal cleaning solutions, Alpha boasts over a decade of dedicated research and development. Our expertise spans diverse domains including engineering design, turnkey contracts, managed operations, equipment manufacturing, and digital transformation in the fields of coal cleaning and material conveyance. Our holistic "one-stop" service approach encapsulates these facets. Notably, our products and services have been successfully exported to resource-rich nations such as Brazil, Morocco, Russia, the Philippines, Mongolia, and Indonesia.

Research and Standardization Efforts

As a technology-driven small and medium-sized enterprise based in Chengdu, we have actively contributed to the formulation of standards such as the "General Technical Specifications for Intelligent Coal Preparation Plant Construction." Presently, our portfolio includes pending patent applications (with substantive examinations completed) for seven inventions, nearly 50 software copyrights secured, and multiple publications in esteemed domestic and international journals.

Coal Preparation Expertise

The founding team at Alpha collectively possesses extensive experience in delivering over 50 large and medium-sized coal preparation plants worldwide. Notably, we've successfully executed over 10 plants boasting an annual capacity exceeding 10 million tons. Our track record includes the successful delivery of coal preparation projects in countries including the United States, Australia, Colombia, Mongolia, and Indonesia.

Pioneering Digital Transformation

At Alpha, our integration spans from underlying hardware devices to software, intelligent algorithms, and diagnostic services. Additionally, we've expanded our services to incorporate intelligent operation and maintenance technology directly into frontline resource operation services. This involvement facilitates intelligent asset management and operational efficiency in resource extraction projects.

Our comprehensive technical layout encompasses core sensor components, wireless sensor networks, data collection, intelligent big data analysis, intelligent diagnostics, fault prediction, and equipment intelligent operation and maintenance platform solutions. This achievement includes proprietary core technologies and a fully developed product system. Currently, Alpha's intelligent operation and maintenance algorithm code comprises nearly 800,000 lines, with over 60,000 sensors deployed globally, accumulating machine learning time exceeding 750 million hours annually.

Core Business Offerings

· Engineering design, turnkey contracts, and managed operations of coal preparation plants.

· Research and development, manufacturing, sales, and technical services of major water-free and dense medium coal selection equipment.

· Research and sales of "Hardware Defined by Algorithms": pioneering high-end sensors in China, including Prognostic and Health Management (PHM) sensors for vibration screens, and the PHM System.

· "Creating value with data": Coal preparation plant digital transformation services (intelligent upgrades).

· Empowering smart coal preparation plants through digital twinning technology, integrating production data acquisition, safety monitoring, and spatiotemporal production. This involves constructing a three-dimensional visualization management system that combines intelligent inspection, equipment safety monitoring, warning functions, and enterprise management.


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