Drone and Anti-drone is not an either-or option. Why?

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Is drone technology totally positive to society? ‘Drone and Anti-drone’ is not an either-or option. We need them both.

Let’s see how they work.

New technology, Drone, has developed rapidly these years. And it has been applied to several industries. JD company and SF-express have announced their business plan of optimized delivery by drones. However, this is only part of drone story.

According to international medias claimed that Saudi Crown Price Muhammad Bin Salman has gone missing since April 21 attack on the royal palace in Riyadh. For almost one month, where is he, no one knows it officially, as reported by Russian and Iranian media. Some sources claimed that attack on the royal palace was part of a coup led by Saudi royals who are opposed to King Salman. However, Saudi authorities had rejected the claim saying that the incident merely involved palace security guards firing upon a drone which allegedly was flying too close to the premises. (Quoted from dailytimes.com.pk)

Many people asked that ‘how many shots do you need to fire to bring down a drone?’ That’s a good question.

In recent years, sharp increase in adoption of UAV has boosted concerns of aerial attacks. As Grandview reported, ‘Detection and disruption of Low, Slow, and Small (LSS) drones is rapidly becoming a critical factor for effective maintenance of security.’ ‘Recreational and nano drones are progressively becoming sophisticated, resulting in the emergence of diverse new threats that need to be optimally dealt with by physical security systems of the future. ‘

We need more effective ways to prevent safety from activities, such as terror, spy and smuggling contraband. What if we have a mature technology to anti drones? That would be more effective than ‘shot to fire to bring down a drone’.

Another news from China shows that anti-drone solution is much critical to airport security. In April 2017, within 7 days, there were four drone jamming activities near to Shuangliu Airport. They made over 60 planes delays and emergency landing to MianYang/Xi’An/ChongQing airports.

Anti-drone technology is not just a device. It should be a mature system which can bring us more security while drone application is increasing. ALPHA technology will announce more updates is this field. Keep following us.

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