Tele-Remote Control system applied in underground mining

Alpha Ind Tech

750 tele remote phosphate mining 01.jpg

Guizhou Kailin Mining Corporate with 4.5Mta production capacity of phosphate ore, has successfully applied Tele Remote Control system in their underground mining site.

Underground Mining is always tagged with ‘dangerous’, ‘hazardous’. And we can rarely see women working there. However, more and more women show their talent in the underground mining operations. PT Freeport located in Indonesia has applied a new tele remote center for women operators. This system can save operation cost for mining company while enhancing site safety.

750 tele remote phosphate mining 02.jpg

Recently, Guizhou Kailin based in China also realized the tremendous value of tele remote control system. It allows operators far away from the hazards, maybe hundreds miles away. Meanwhile, operation condition is much more comfortable, which matches modern corporate culture ‘human-oriented’. It also makes the unrecoverable area being mined well with high recovery rate. ZERO-harm mining comes along with high recovery rate.

Mining is not in the traditional way any more. 

Embrace the new technology and make your mining ZERO-Harm.

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